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What Goes Around and all that...

Fashion trends never die.

A couple of days ago I saw a story about a new exhibit at the British Museum on the Vikings.  One of the sound bites was talking about how they would file their teeth, and set gems in them.  That sound an awful lot like the filing down of ones teeth for fangs, and grilz to me.  It's not a new trend, just a really old one.
Yay for the last 3 warmer days!

Thursday night most of the ice came off the roof, and none of it fell on my head!

And all of the melt is NOT in our basement!!! 


Bad Poster No Biscuit

Wow!  I haven't posted a finished knit since October.
I was knitting, and I did finish things including a hat I love, and three more shawls.
The most recent of those is from a pattern called Red Brush that I finished last Friday.

It's not really as big as it looks in this picture, but it is a good size, even though I cut the pattern by 12 rows.

The other two shawls can be seen here, and here.

Now back to that project I should be knitting on instead of the ones I've been doing in procrastination.

Nov. 15th, 2013

Why is it no one ever tells you when the glove you're knitting has 6 fingers?


It's that time of year again.

Time to vote.

I've done my duty for the year.

I wish we still had the old voting machines.  Flipping a few switches, and pulling a lever was so much easier than doing a scan-tron with a sharpie marker.


Did it Again

I knit a shawl.

I know you are all surprised.

It's another test knit for Romi. Did it really only take me 2 weeks to knit that?
The pattern is called Stardance (right now it's part of her pins & lace club).
What you can't see in this picture are the gold lined beads at various points in the shawl.

I told you I was a slacker.

A couple of days after I finished shawl number 12, I finished another one that had been on the needles since June.

This one is Blackjack also by Romi.  This one started life as a test-knit, and is knit with some sparkly hand-spun yarn.

Also modeled by my mom.  ;)

Since then I've started 3 more projects, and resurrected a couple of others that I would like to finish this year.

I am such a slacker.

That shawl with the deadline...
I finished it with 2 weeks to spare a little more than 3 weeks ago.

The pattern is Madroña by Romi.  I gave my cousin 3 different shawls/styles and she picked this one.
It's knit with 100% cashmere yarn that has been lovely to knit with both times I've used it.

This picture is of my mom, because I didn't even bring my camera to the wedding.  And even if I had, it was getting dark by the time she put on the shawl because the weather was so great.
When knitting, If something feels off with your pattern, but the stuff that's supposed to match does. Check Your Pattern!

That shawl I'm working on...

The one with the deadline...

It felt like the edges were off somehow, but they matched each other, so I kept knitting.  When I finally checked the pattern against my knitting, I found that I had missed a whole pattern row at those 2 spots about a repeat back (a repeat being about 16 rows).  I spent a good chunk of time Friday doing lace surgery.  I'm hoping not to have to do any more on this shawl.

Check your pattern if something feels off!

Do Not Touch!

I like knitting in public.
I like talking to others about knitting, and what I'm knitting.
I will even usually let people fondle feel the project I'm working on. I often encourage it.

This weekend I went to an event with a number of fiber artists ( spinners, knitters, and weavers mostly).
Something happened there (twice) that irked me a bit.

Right now I'm working on a white shawl for my cousin in a fine lace yarn, and I brought it with me to work on because it is deadline knitting, and I work on it whenever I can (sort of, but that's a different story).

After the meeting had broken up, I was finishing up my row before packing my project away to go home. While I was knitting, I was talking with someone when they just reached out and fondled my project. Then after fondling the shawl they asked me about it.   While I was talking to the first person, a second came up and did the same thing.
I know the fiber arts are very tactile.  I like to feel yarn too, but I hope I usually ask if I can before I reach for someone's project. (Especially if it's white or looks special.)
I would rather not have to find a way to fix a stain before the shawl is finished, and I've already had a stain scare when I found a highlighter without its cap in my project bag.
I would have loved to have slapped their hands, but I didn't really react, and if I had I would have probably dropped stitches in the process.