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Are you interested in computer history?
Do you collect old magazines?
Do you want boxes of Apple Incider, Nibble, Byte or A+ magazines from the 80's? (One of the A+ issues has the headline of "Apple Rolls Out the Mouse" from July 1984.)
Can you use glossy magazines for kindeling?

Let me know, and we may be able to get them to you.
Today Irene and I got lost in a museum.

It's not a big museum , and I've been there many times.  In fact right now I'm a member of said museum.

It's just that we made bad/good choices about what color shirt to wear today. (Yes, we were both wearing the same color.  No, it wasn't planned.)

In one of the rooms of their perminent collection we matched the walls really really well.

It also happens that the entry bracelett color coordinated with our shirts too.

Yay Purple!

In other news...  I haven't knit a stitch today.



Hopefully all of the excitement from this snow storm has already happened in my corner of the world.

The speed limit sign in front of the house is now at a rake-ish angle.  A pickup was taking the corner, and fishtailed into it.  Nobody was hurt, but they had a time figuring out how to un-hook the truck from the sign and get the truck back on the road.


Oct. 22nd, 2014

I think my knitting is in a color rut!
I've cast on a few things lately, only to look down a little while later, and realise that what I just cast on fits in my color rut.
So, last Sunday I was out at a restaurant with my mom. (I'm not gonna tell you the name, 'cause other than this the place is pretty good.)

On the menu under burgers is an Atlantic Salmon Burger.  It then goes on to list the stuff in the burger, starting with Alaskan Salmon.

I never realized that Alaska was in the Atlantic Ocean.

I had always though it was part of the ring of fire which is part of the Pacific Ocean.
But what do I, a silly geology major, know about geography?


caught up

The final thing I've finished is a pair of Gingerbread Mitts just in time for the warm weather!

They fit well, and I love the buffalo nickel buttons! (There's a better picture of the buttons on my Ravelry project page that you can get to by clicking the picture.)

Now if I could just post things as I actually finish them (or at least am able to post them on line).


And then...

The next shaw I finished was yet another test knit.

This time for Romi's Pins and Lace Club.

It is a shawl by the name of Night Blossom, and I knit it from some handspun that had been perking in my stash for a while.

I really love the color of this yarn.  It's hard to see in any of the pictures, but there are flecks of bright pink in there, and while I don't normally like pink, in this case it just makes me smile.

I don't just knit shawls

I also finished a cute hat!

It's a heavily modified version of the Elven Cloche that I also knit to pattern here.


next up

After Eiregal there was Romi's 2014 Mystery now known as Red Rock Canyon, that I also tested.

I like how this one turned out, but when I was knitting it I was cursing all of the purl rows.

Also, that purple is lighter than it started.  That yarn seems be having trouble holding the dye.

catching up

Lets start with the first shawl I finished since my last knitting post.

That would be Eiregal, another test knit from Romi.  While it's been finished the longest it was a secret knit for a really long time.

I love it even though I ran out of yarn for the bind off.